Farming and Tropical Fruit production is the heritage that runs from our ancestors. We have been growing tropical fruits such as Mangoes, Custard Apple, Jackfruits, Coconut since 2015. We grow Moringa and Neem trees too. Also we grow other kitchen garden plants and fruit trees. To name a few we have over 3.5K Mangoes trees (4 different types) and over 500 custard apple trees and over 400 coconut & Jackfruit Trees. We also have Neem & Moringa trees as well. Our mission is to introduce Indian Mangoes to the folks in United States and help them relish the mango taste !!!

We are one of the leading producers of Neem oil. Check out our website https://www.neemoil.us for more details. When you shop at our online store you are helping to promote small business in United States. We really appreciate your support and trust. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve and provide quality products to our community.